APASD Interns

APASD Interns 2022-2023

Melia Webster Photo

Melia Webster



Heyo :) My name is Melia! I'm a fourth year, majoring in Rhetoric and minoring in Ancient Greek and Roman Studies. Within APASD I'm the PEACE Chair for the Pacific Islander Initiative. I'm looking forward to supporting both my fellow APASD interns and my community!

Seini Tuita

Seini Tuita

PII Community Programming Intern


Malo e lelei! My name is Seini and I am a senior majoring in Sociology. I'm excited to be a part of the PI Initiative as one of the Community Programming Interns. I look forward to working and supporting everyone so that APASD may continue to grow and thrive.

Fay Cordeiro Photo

Fay Cordeiro

PII Campus Programming Intern

(Any pronouns)

Hello!! I'm Fay and I'm from O'ahu, Hawai'i. I'm a PI Initiative Campus Programming Intern, and this is my first year working with APASD so I'm excited to get started:)

Sheherbano Bano Photo

Sheherbano Bano



Salam! I'm Sheherbano and I'm currently a fourth year studying sociology. As the SSWANA PEACE Chair, I'm looking forward to working with the other PEACE chairs and developing fun and interesting seminars and events for y'all!


Marwa Afghani

SSWANA Community Outreach Programming Intern

Hiiiii my name is Marwa! I’m double majoring in Media Studies and Middle Eastern Studies, and minoring in Journalism! I’m incredibly excited to create bridges between different SSWANA communities across campus, and to help uplift, support, and grow the greater APASD community :)

Carissa Samuel Photo

Carissa Samuel

SSWANA Wellness Intern


Hello, my name is Carissa and I’m a senior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. I will be the SSWANA Wellness Intern and I’m looking forward to considering how to best support the wellbeing of SSWANA students at Cal!

Maddie Vea Photo

Maddie Vea



Hello! My name is Maddie, a third-year Ethnic Studies and History student from Monterey, CA. I'm the PEACE Chair for AAPA, and I'm so excited to facilitate seminar with the other PEACE Chairs and learn from each program and initiative:)

Anna Chau Photo

Anna Chau

AAPA Programming Intern


Hi! I’m Anna, a pre law student from Santa Cruz. Let’s talk about restorative justice and (most) things food and fitness. I’m so excited to help create healing and collaborative aapa programming this year!

Liv Rhee Photo

Olivia Rhee

AAPA Programming Intern


Hi! My name is Liv, and I'm a third-year student from Nashville, Tennessee studying Political Science and Creative Writing. As an AAPA Programming Intern, I hope to help Asian American students on campus access political activation, restorative healing, and community development. I'm so excited for the upcoming year, and I encourage you to reach out if you have any questions or if you want to get involved in the APASD space!

Ella Camp Photo

Ella Camp

PII Communications Intern


Hello! My name is Ella, I'm a 3rd year studying Civil Engineering, and I'm one of the communications interns for the Pacific Islander Initiative. I'm from the Bay Area and have roots on the island of O'ahu. Through this internship, I hope to help strengthen and uplift the PI community on and off campus. I'm looking forward to this upcoming year with APASD!

Stephanie Eatmon Photo

Stephanie Eatmon

PII Community Programming Intern


Hi! My name is Steph, and I'm a third-year Psychology transfer student from the Bay Area! I'm a Community Programming Intern for the PI Initiative, and am looking forward to creating and fostering a community with APASD! :)

Kahel Zedekiah Photo

Kahel Zedekiah

PII Communications Intern


Yokwe <3 I’m Kahel and am in my 2nd year intending to major in Environmental Design. I am the Communications Intern for the Pacific Islander Initiative and am excited to work with APASD!!

Zain Jandial Photo

Zain Jandial

PII Programming Intern

What's up everyone! I'm Zain, a third year MCB major and a Programming Intern in the Pacific Islander Initiative (PII). This will be my second year with the PII and I'm super excited to continue to work with some amazing people from last year and meet new faces as well! I'm half Chamorro and looking forward to learning more about my culture, learning from those around me, and building a strong sense of community here at Berkeley :)

Kyle Lam Photo

Kyle Lam

APASD Office Intern


Hello Everyone! I am excited to be APASD Office Intern for the 2022-2023 school year!

Joanna Tanap Photo

Joanna Tanap

Undergraduate Pilipinx Organizer


Howdy :D I'm Joanna, a fourth-year majoring in Food Systems Education in the Filipinx Diaspora. I was born in San Diego, the youngest of four siblings, but I grew up most of my life in Virginia Beach, VA. After three years of being part of the Pilipinx undergraduate community on campus, I am excited to work with Silayan to open up Pil spaces and grow community resources.

Sarah Dibas Photo

Sarah Dibas

SSWANA Social Programming Intern


Hi! I'm Sarah and I'm so excited to be this year's SSWANA Social Programming Intern! I cannot wait to host fun, safe, and inclusive events/programs for you all. Please feel free to reach out with any event ideas or program initiatives you'd like to see.

Elina Emami Photo

Elina Emami

SSWANA Communications Intern


Hi, my name is Elina Emami! I'm a second-year from Philadelphia, PA. I'm currently on the pre-law track, double-majoring in Society & Environment and Political Science, with a minor in Human Rights. This year I'll be working with the SSWANA Initiative as their Communications Intern. I am so beyond excited to be working and engaging with the SSWANA community and to be creating meaningful content!

Nishat Sheikh Photo

Nishat Sheikh

SSWANA Political Education Programming Intern


Hi! My name is Nishat and I'm a fourth year studying Data Science and Sociology. I'm a Berkeley native, I absolutely love scary movies, and in my free time I write poetry. I care about issues relating to equity and social mobility -- and I'm super excited to be a part of SSWANA this year! :)

Bao Vang Photo

Bao Vang

AAPA Programming Intern


Hello! My name is Bao Vang. I'm currently a 4th year majoring in Political Science and Asian American & Asian Diaspora Studies (AAADS). This year, I am one of the AAPA Programming interns! I am passionate about Asian American advocacy and work mainly with the SEA community on campus. I am very excited to see all of the amazing programming this year!

Vivien Zhang Photo

Vivien Zhang

AAPA Programming Intern


Hi everyone! My name is Vivien, and I am a fourth-year transfer student from LA and Portland(?) (it's complicated). I will be a Programming Intern with the Asian American Political Activation (AAPA) cohort and I am looking forward to building community and political engagement through hosting various programs and events! A fun fact about me is that I can fall asleep almost anywhere.

Eileen McGregor Photo

Eileen McGregor

AAPA Communications and Graphic Design Intern


Howdy y'all! I'm Eileen, a fourth-year Architecture student from California! As a communications intern for the Asian American Political Activation program, I'm really excited to explore the intersection between community space and digital space. I'm looking forward to growing with you all <3

Gillian Gee Photo

Gillian Gee

AAPA Programming Intern


Hi everyone! I’m Gillian, a third year studying English and Gender and Women's Studies. I am from Sacramento, CA. As a programming intern for AAPA, I plan to serve the Asian-American community and give the community a chance to voice their opinions in a safe space. I look forward to assisting the organization and all of you in whichever way you need support. I cannot wait to grow and learn with you all!

Angelina Karnsouvong Photo

Angelina Karnsouvong

AAPA Programming Intern


Hello everyone! My name is Angelina (I also go by Angie) and I'm a fourth-year Public Health and Ethnic Studies student and I am a Programming Intern for AAPA! For a bit about myself, I identify as Khmu (an indigenous ethnic group to Laos) and Lao, and grew up in the Bay Area, based in Richmond, CA. I love having the opportunity to learn more about myself and about other cultures and peoples in spaces like APASD. I've grown a lot in this space, and I look forward to growing even more! In this role, I hope to do my part to help uplift narratives that are often shut out of important conversations, as well as fostering spaces for these voices to grow and develop in comfort and community. I look forward to this upcoming year and all it has in store!

Desiree Wang Photo

Desiree Wang

APASD Office Intern


Hello! My name is Desiree, a fourth-year Cognitive Science and Psychology student from Los Angeles! I am an APASD Office Intern, and I'm excited to create content to support all of APASD's programs and initiatives this year and to ensure everything behind-the-scenes at APASD is running smoothly :)

Silayan Camson Photo

Silayan Camson

Undergraduate Pilipinx Organizer


Hi y'all! My name is Silayan, it means "to glimpse" in Tagalog. I am a fourth year studying Media Studies, with minors in Journalism and Political Economy. Making people look forward to everything that community can be is something I'm super excited to support this year as a Undergraduate Pilipinx Organizer at APASD this year <3!