UndocuAlly Training Program

In the spring of 2012, a team of UC Berkeley staff and students came together in support of undocumented students on our campus.

The team began meeting regularly to develop a campus training for staff and faculty, as well as an ally sticker project. "UndocuAlly" is a term that the team adopted to refer to campus allies for our undocumented students at Cal. With the support of funding from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion and what now is the office of Learning + Organizational Development, the team developed and launched this project. The first UndocuAlly Training occurred in the Spring 2013 semester, and the plan is to offer a minimum of one each semester. We hope for staff/faculty members to leave this training with an understanding of the history, legislation, and current/future realities of this student community.

The training will cover the following:

  1. Overview of history, laws and policies affecting undocumented youth

  2. Review statistics on the undocumented student body population at UCB

  3. Give information about resources for undocumented students on campus

  4. Reveal the lived experiences of undocumented youth on campus and in the community at large

  5. Discuss what it means to be an ally and how to become an ally to undocumented students 

  6. Experience the opportunity to connect with other UCB staff to share ideas on supporting undocumented youth

UndocuAlly logoThe UndocuAlly Sticker

The UndocuAlly sticker design was the result of a contest open to UC Berkeley undocumented students and allies to represent a symbol of support on campus. At the end of the second day of this training, faculty and staff will be invited to sign an agreement that outlines their roles and responsibilities as an UndocuAlly.

All faculty and staff who sign this agreement will receive an UndocuAlly sticker that they can display in their offices. Students will then be able to see those stickers across campus and know that there are welcoming and safe spaces for them.

UC Berkeley Staff

Staff members of the Planning Committee come from a variety of campus divisions, including the Educational Opportunity Program/Undocumented Student Program the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office, the Multicultural Community Center, and the Multicultural Student Development. The Committee also staffs Student Fellows each semester.

  • Rita d'Escoto, Funds Manager, Financial Aid & Scholarships Office (FASO)

  • Lupe Gallegos-Diaz, Director, Chicana Latino Academic Student Development

  • Elisa Diana Huerta (Co-Lead), Program Director, Multicultural Community Center

  • Liliana Iglesias (Co-Lead), Academic Counselor, Undocumented Student Program

  • Diana Peña (Co-Lead), Wellness Coordinator, Licensed Psychologist, Undocumented Student Program

  • Rod Santos, Residence Affairs Supervisor, Office of the Registrar

Apply to Become a Student Fellow

Please contact us for more information.

Artists' Credits:

  • Nancy Ledesma is a Cal grad and she was the winner of our Ally Sticker Design Contest. Her design is distributed with the UndocuAlly sticker given to all staff who attend this training and agree to serve as an ally.

  • Alejandro Ramirez is a Cal grad and submitted a design for the Ally Sticker Design Contest. His graphic design skills were so impressive that he was hired to create the official logo for our website and all print marketing materials.  He and his brother, Moises Ramirez, teamed up to create the beautiful logo that you see at the top of this page.

Training for UC Berkeley Staff & Faculty

There is no cost to this training. Please contact us for more information.

Please note that in order to best support our student community, we normally give preference to staff who are in departments that have not yet had representation in the UndocuAlly Training. To ensure the quality of the training, we will limit the attendance to 25 spots.

UndocuAlly Directory

View a list of all the individuals who have completed this training and signed the UndocuAlly Agreements.

Contact Us

If you have trouble registering or have questions regarding this training, please contact Liliana Iglesias at liglesias@berkeley.edu or (510) 643-5740.