About AASD

African American Student Development creates programs and activities that facilitate the retention and graduation of African American students, encourages their matriculation to graduate and professional school, and enhances theiruniversity experiences.  Activities include: the Annual Black Student Orientation, Staff-Faculty, and Alumni Partnerships, Exchange Programs, Monthly Community Programs, Kwanzaa, Black History Month, community service/serving learning opportunities, academic support, advising and referral, internships, and freshman orientation classes.

Our programs, events and activities enhance our student experiences and facilitate the retention and graduation of Black students by:

  • Engaging in critical academic inquiry, reflection and research

  • Inviting, developing and supporting student leadership

  • Building community and partnerships on and off campus

  • Encouraging matriculation to graduate and professional school

  • Equipping students with the tools to navigate pathways to professional opportunities

  • Supporting students academic, personal and social-emotional, career, and community development

To learn more about the AASD Office or to be a part of the student leadership team, contact us at (510) 642-0096 or email us.