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Our Mission

The Asian Pacific American Student Development (APASD) office serves the diverse and changing needs of Asian American, Pacific Islander, South Asian, Southwest Asian and North African (AA/PI/SSWANA) communities by equipping students with the tools and resources to transform themselves and their communities. APASD focuses on facilitating self-reflection, developing holistic wellness, providing political education, cultivating community, and encouraging collective action. We strive to enact change rooted in the liberation of all people.

Our Core Values


Individuals and communities have the knowledge and ability to make decisions for themselves. In our work, we are student-centered and student-driven. We respect bodily autonomy, community control, and the rights of indigenous peoples, starting by recognizing our positionalities as beneficiaries of settler colonialism.


We are all connected and reliant on one another and our environment. Understanding broader ecosystems and working towards collective change requires mutual inquiry, learning, and collaboration. Building healthier relationships with ourselves, in our communities, and with our environment is important social change work. 

Restorative Healing

We believe in the power of community to hold one another accountable and seek to dismantle systems that perpetuate cycles of harm. Restorative healing focuses on dialogue, accountability, and community building that centers victims/survivors instead of enacting punitive measures and state-sanctioned violence.

Transformation and Continuous Change

We believe that we all are capable of transformation. Social change depends on our ability to learn, reflect, and grow as individuals and the contributions we collectively make to support others' growth.