Chicanx Latinx Student Development

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Nuestra Historia

(Our Story)

The Chicana Latino Student Development Office also known as the “Agenda Office” is a space conceptualized and created by Chican@ and Latin@ students, staff/faculty and community members in the late 1980’s.

The CLSD office is student run, staff led, and community supported. The office is the place where students will come in with any question and it’s our job to find the answers by using our networks within our community and throughout Berkeley.

Our office believes in a family and generational model when it comes to helping and learning from each other. Everyone has a role to play – students, staff/administrators, faculty and community members.

Our Mission

  • Advocate for the retention and graduation of Chican@/ Latino students.
  • Empower students to become leaders, professionals and scholars.
  • Create community between Chican@ Latin@ spaces on and off campus.

Our Values

We value the herstory and history that has come before us that contribute to our existence and value these partnerships. We respect the various differences and diversity in our communities that cross – cultural, racial, class, gender, sexuality, immigrant status, regionality, generational, and spaces and places that bring strength to our spaces.

We value the collective efforts to work together to solve problems and leverage our work with each other. We believe in leading my modeling* when developing ourselves. *A Zapatistas concept.


The Agenda Office is part of a collaborative unit of the Multicultural Student Development Unit housed here in Cesar Chavez under the new Vice-Chancellor of Equity and Inclusion. The MSD unit is composed of the Asian Pacific American, African American, Native American, Cross-Cultural Student Development Offices and the Multicultural Community Center. Leading by Modeling

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Latinx Student Resource Center

Hearst Field Annex, Building B

Berkeley, CA 


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