Indigenous United Podcast

Indigenous United Podcast

Indigenous United is the current Native American Student Development podcast. Overall, the aim of the podcast is to highlight Indigenous issues, events, and topics. Interviews with artists, scholars, and activists from a multitude of Native communities have made appearances on the podcast.

The podcast is designed to be a NASD internship position to give students that are interested in radio or media production a chance to expand their skill set. Since development, the podcast has had several hosts. The hosts have had different styles of podcasting, so the podcast style has changed from host to host. You might be able to see the difference while listening to the progression of the podcasts! Nonetheless, the podcast has been fruitful in engaging the Native community and beyond with Indigenous issues regardless of what the formatting may be.

If you are interested in helping or have any questions or comments regarding the podcast, please contact our host.

You can also follow the Indigenous United Podcast on Instagram at @indigenousunited_.

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