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Phenocia Bauerle, Director
Phone: 510-725-7370     

Mailing Address:
241 Cesar Chavez #2440
Berkeley, CA 94720
University of California Berkeley

Our Main Events/Programs

  • INC Welcome Back!
  • Spring/Fall Retreats
  • Spring/Fall Community Banquets
  • Boost Day
  • RRR Week Study Jams
  • Weekly General Body Member Meetings (Every Thursday at 6 pm)
  • Senior Weekend/Transfer Weekend
  • UC Berkeley Annual Powwow
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Facebook: IncRRC

Instagram: Inc_RRC

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Spring 2022

Meetings are now being held from 6:30-7:30 every Thursday at the Native American Community Center in Anthony Hall.


The Indigenous and Native Coalition Recruitment and Retention Center (INC-RRC), formerly known as the Native American Recruitment and Retention Center (NARRC) was founded in 1991. Our organization was created out of concerns regarding the extremely low amount of Native representation within higher education, especially here at Cal. In 1996, INC banded with initially five other Recruitment and Retention Centers to create the bridges Multicultural Resource Center, an organization and work born out of student's struggle for representation as a response to the passage of Proposition 209. Now, INC-RRC is one of the seven Recruitment and Retention Centers (RRCs) on campus in order to serve and support underrepresented and underserved students at Berkeley. A few years ago, in the Fall of 2017, NARRC officially changed its name to INC (Indigenous & Native Coalition) in order to be more inclusive of other indigenous identities.

Our Mission

Indigenous and Native Coalition is an on-campus student-led student-initiated organization that recognizes the significance of keeping higher education accessible and attainable for all Native American and Indigenous students. Our organization aims to provide resources and opportunities to Native students interested in attending Cal, while also supporting current students through social, cultural, and academic-based retention programs and events. We lead and coordinate off-campus recruitment trips, on and off-campus community-building events, professional development opportunities, academic workshops and study spaces, overnight host programs for prospective students, and many other events to better fit the needs of our community.

Since INC’s foundation is rooted in addressing the low amount of Native representation on campus, most of INC’s programming continues to focus on increasing the Native presence on campus and fostering a unique peer-to-peer system of support through our many events and programs. We also promote community involvement beyond campus borders by hosting collaborative events with organizations such as the Native American Health Center, Intertribal Friendship House, and the American Indian Child Resource Center.