April 16, 2020


Felicidades!  – Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of California at Berkeley! 

My name is Lupe Gallegos-Diaz and I am the Director of the Chicanx Latinx Student Development (CLSD) Office. I alongside the Assistant Director, Evelyn Rojo are thrilled to welcome you and your familia to Cal. We recognize and understand that it took hard work, sacrifices, and most of all community support to get you here today. We honor your esfuerzos!


Berkeley’s an exciting place with a rich history of social movements and outstanding  Chicanx and Latinx faculty, student leaders, and amazing alumni like the Mexican President of Mexico (1911-1913), Francisco Madero and one of the  highest ranking Latina scholars in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Yvette Flores. This year campus has recognized Dr. Yvette Flores in the “150 Years of Women at Berkeley” history project for her major publications and public service contributions to merging clinical psychology and Chicana/Latino studies--all of which add to the diverse academic excellence of Cal. 


Despite COVID-19 challenges, the CLSD Office continues to support the personal, academic, and professional growth of Chicanx and Latinx students. We serve both undergraduate and graduate students. Through student-led programs and events, we uplift and celebrate our diverse Chicanx and Latinx backgrounds to add to the richness at Cal. As our newest Cal Osxs, we are thrilled to have you be part of these programs and events. These include, but are not limited to our seminars in Chicanx and Latinx Leadership, Latinos and the Environment, and Casa Magdalena Mora. We also offer workshops on Financial Literacy and Consejos for Navigating Cal from a Chicanx and Latinx perspective. We also value student activism and advocacy on/off campus.  And our work is also intergenerational servicing and working with graduate student via Our From Day One: Chicanx and Latinx Men/Femtoring Program for undergraduates that empowers and equips them with the necessary skills to prepare for life after Cal, particularly with applying for graduate/professional schools.  And our Cal Chicanx Latinx alumni are our integral partners with our office by partnering in programming and assisting with scholarships and professional advice.   


Rest assured that  you are “in good hands – estan en buenas manos." We look forward to connecting with you and helping you make the most of your Cal experience.  


If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (510) 642-1802 or contact us directly at or at Also, check out our website and the CLSD Office Facebook page


Go Osxs!  Go Bears!  

Lupe Gallegoz-Diaz (she/her/hers/ella), Director of the CLSD

Evelyn Rojo (she/her/hers/ella), Assistant Director of the CLSD