Pacific Islander Initiative

A group of about 70 PI people and allies posing in front of Sproul with signs, banners and other items supporting Mauna Kea

2019 Mauna Kea Rally

A group of about 20 PI campus community members posing and smiling

2020 Pasifika Yield Luncheon


2020 Mental Health Workshop with P-IWI

A group of 5 PI women and one young girl sitting on an outdoor bench, smiling and posing

2020 - 2021 PI Initiative Team

A group of PI students at the beach

2022 PI Athlete Luncheon


APASD Lobby: César E. Chávez Student Center

Pacific Islander Initiative (PI) Office: Front Room, Multicultural Community Center, MLK Building

Office Hours: The APASD Lobby is open from Monday-Thursday 10AM-5PM. The PI Initiative office is open by appointment only. Reach out to Program Manager, Angel Halafihi, to make an appointment. 

Our Story | The Pacific Islander Initiative

The Pacific Islander (PI) Initiative is a student-centered program started through student activism at the University of California, Berkeley that serves the changing needs of Pacific Islander communities. 

We sweat and cry salt water, so we know that the ocean is really in our blood.
Teresia Teaiwa