Past Events & Programs

navy blue tinted background photo of a traditional Yapese/PI meeting house. Text reads: “RSVP BY AUGUST 12: BIT.LY/PISO2020,” “PACIFIC ISLANDER STUDENT ORIENTATION,” “DAY 1: AUGUST 17TH 5-8PM PST DAY 2: AUGUST 19TH 5-8PM PST.”

Brown tinted image of the head of a canoe and a paddle in the ocean. Text reads, "2 Units," "Pacific Islander Seminar UC Berkeley," "Wednesdays 4-6pm PST," "Visit for more information," and "Are you interested in learning more about PI

Talanoa with Tongan Women Scholars: We are Pacific Islander Studies
Thank you for joining us for our November 19th "Talanoa with Tongan Women Scholars: We are Pacific Islander Studies." 
Please find the Event Recording here. 
You may also find the recording via our sponsoring organizations' Facebook pages: Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC) | Pacific Islanders at Cal (PAC) | Pacific Islander Initiative at UC Berkeley
Pacific Islander Initiative Fall 2020 Mixer
We are Pacific Island Studies: Our Moana
Black, gold framed invitation with the PI Initiative fish hook logo in the background inviting folks to RSVP for Pasifika Grad.
Pacific Islander Initiative at UC Berkeley Fall Care Packages
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tan flier with a OMAOCH 2022 banyan tree, which has various shades of green in its leaves, and various shades of orange and brown in the branches and trunk. The flyer calls for registrants to OMOACH 2022: Rooting, Reimagining, and Remembering the Vastness
Fala/weaved pattern background with an ascending deep purple gradient calling for QTPIs at UC Berkeley to rsvp for a family dinner.
black graphic with a brown weaved grass background calling for PI graduate and PhD students to attend a mixer to connect with other PI graduate/PhD students, play games and enjoy a free meal together. RSVP at
Light blue graphic with darker navy blue palm front elements, calling for PI students to rsvp and at
Alt text: Tan flyer with a ripped fala (traditional mat found in many PI cultures) motif announcing the Virtual PI Welcome Week hosted by the PI Initiative at UC Berkeley and PAC. The events will take place on September 7th, September 8th, and September 9
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