Big C Fee Referendum Breakdown

Fee Breakdown

Student Initiated Projects

EJCE recognizes that there is a greater need for programs and projects for communities than can currently be provided. Allocating approximately 9% of the fee would allow for student-initiated diversity, multicultural and equity projects and programs for graduate and undergraduate students and communities. This will support students' ability to create and lead programs that are relevant to their current interests and direct needs.

Student Internships & Research Positions

12% of the fee would go directly to creating new student positions in MSD & Gen Eq. The creation of these positions would provide:

  • Jobs for undergraduate and graduate students through internships and special projects

    • Increasing income opportunities in engaged community work for graduate and undergraduate students

    • Bridging classroom learning to real-world workplace experience that prepares students for post-graduate job opportunities

  • Leadership Development opportunities through internships - the intersectional nature of our areas as well as the student centered focus of our programming allows students to learn to design and implement programs and projects that are collaborative → which can be valuable work experience and leadership development

    • Result: Global leaders with skills to work with diverse groups of people

  • Research opportunities for graduate students interested in higher education and multicultural work through the increase in bandwidth of respective offices

    • Result: Increasing the opportunities for students to have intellectual and academic experiences at Berkeley that are engaged with other members of the Berkeley community

For some offices this could double the number of paid positions offered, and allow for greater impact across campus communities.

EJCE Programming and Projects

21% of the referendum would support and enhance programming and projects that currently are operating within EJCE, as well as providing funding for much needed expansions of offerings by the offices. This would increase the number and kind of mentorship, academic support, mental health support offerings from each office, while also increasing the ability for offices to bolster their educational reach in the campus community.

Gen Eq & MSD Staffing

With approximately 25% of the fee going to staffing, it would allow hiring of 5 essential staff positions that have either been eliminated or never existed including:

  • Director of LGBT services (new)
  • Program coordinator for women’s services (new)
  • Director of Native American Student Development (new, current position is program coordinator)
  • Assistant director of Cross-Cultural (replacing Director of cross-cultural, eliminated in 2016)
  • Assistant director of the Fanny Lou Hamer Black Resource Center  (new)

Return to Aid

33% of the fee referendum will be transfered to financial aid to offset the cost of the fee for those students elligible for full-financial aid.