The SSWANA Initiative


The SSWANA Initiative

Mission Statement

The South Asian, Southwest Asian, and North African (SSWANA) Initiative was advocated for and created by student activists that felt this student population lacked representation and resources at the University of California at Berkeley. As such, students will always be the heart of this initiative with the support of staff. The SSWANA Initiative seeks to provide personalized access to resources on campus, accessible programming, promote cross-cultural community building, and advocate for social justice in SSWANA communities through education and empowerment.


  • serving as a campus resource on SSWANA issues and events
  • promoting multicultural awareness through student interaction and community involvement
  • promoting empowerment and self-esteem through community building on and off-campus
  • promoting retention and addressing underrepresentation
  • sponsoring a diverse set of events, projects, programs, and activities


Community Updates 


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Contact us

If you would like to schedule one on one time with the SSWANA Program Manager please do so by going to Calendly