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MCC x bridges Wellness

Welcome to our wellness webpage! This site is an invitation to pause, reflect, learn, sow, and grow. It is a space for self-reflection and inspiration. The vision for this page is to offer an embodied opportunity to take a breath, slow down, and experience the energy of community in a collection of curated resources designed to center growth, healing, and empowerment.

What is the MCC + bridges Wellness Initiative?

The bridges +  Multicultural Community Center (MCC) Wellness Initiative is a student-proposed community-based and accessible space for resources and services that address our mental health, emotional fitness, and holistic wellness. 

Our Values

Our core values include sustainability, anti-oppression, and cross-cultural understanding and solidarity.

Winter Mental Health Resources 2021-2022

The winter break can be challenging for many reasons. While University Health Services is closed through the break, there are many other accessible resources to support you if the need arises.

Free, online self-help tools and wellness videos 

Tools for you to Learn and Practice caring for your wellness. 

Finding a Counselor 

**There's a national increase in demand for MH services since pandemic, so it can take many tries to establish a MH support**

While university services are suspended for winter, off-campus services remain ongoing. All students can check out the  Community referrals database (find local providers with availability) and Referral process infofor information on securing an ongoing mental health counselor using your insurance plan. 

Students with SHIP can also access, Teladoc (teletherapy/telepsychiatry, or tele-physician appt) & Wellfleet provider search page

Urgent Crisis Support 

Students can call (855) 817-5667 (available 24/7) or In case of emergencies - call 911 or community suicide prevention hotlines

Quick Tips to Destress

  • Remember, every day is a new opportunity for change. When times are feeling tough, hold intentions of self-compassion, acceptance, and mindfulness. Stay focused on the here-and-now. Life is less overwhelming when we bring our focus back to the simple steps of putting one foot in front of the other. 

  • In order to cope with the crashing waves brought on by unexpected challenges, stressors, or emotions, we must “ride the wave” gently, moving with the water. Do not resist.  Allow yourself to feel the feelings. The harder you fight the push of the water the more at risk you are of drowning.

  • Keep up the practice of building a relationship with your breath and body. Check out the mindfulness practices tip sheet below for some quick tips to engage your senses, disengage from rumination, and invite ease into your spirit.