Art Gallery / Multicultural Community Center

Journey to...: Expressions of Existence

The Multicultural Community Center presents Journey To...: Expressions of Existence, an art exhibit that explores movement in relation to presence. A journey is not a static definition, restrained only to mere travel between two physical spaces, but rather movement that captures a series of evolutions, transformations, metamorphoses, discoveries, and several homecomings. It is the site where multiple journeys meet: the internal and the external, the finished and the incomplete, the linear and the nonlinear, the collective and the self, going towards home or elsewhere. There is much to learn from each other as we all move our own way, carry stories as well as wisdoms from our elders, and travel through beautiful and difficult paths. We are souls with bodies that cannot be confined to one story. We are in multiple transitions that are simply waiting to be expressed. 

The Multicultural Community Center invites you to share art that draws on your personal journeys of existence for our opening art exhibit which will be presented at our 16th Annual Night of Cultural Resistance.