Planning Committee

2017 NOW Team

From left to right: Jessica Chin, Chris McLean, Jemila Ndioubnan-Vance, Sid Reel, Katherine Castro, Lindsey Low, Inette Dishler, Terrie Moore, and Danielle Carco.

The Next Opportunity at Work (NOW) Career Development Conference is the result of many conversations between staff members over the last few years. The planning for this conference is a true collaboration of campus staff coming together to plan a professional development opportunity for our fellow colleagues. As we head into our 5th year, we are very thankful to receive sponsorship from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion and the Interim Chief Human Resources Officer. Our goal is to continue supporting staff through great learning tools, inspiring speakers and networking opportunities.


Danielle Carco, Events Specialist, External Relations

Katherine Castro, Career Counselor, UC Berkeley Career Center

Jessica Chin, External Relations Associate, External Relations

Inette Dishler, Senior Learning and Development Specialist, and Chief Curator and Community Manager of Wisdom Cafe', Human Resources

Paula Kwok Jung, Career Counseling Library Manager, Counseling & Psychological Services, University Health Services

Lindsey Low, Program Director and Credential Analyst, UC Berkeley Extension

Chris McLean, Staff Psychologist and Career Programs Manager, Counseling & Psychological Services, University Health Services

Terrie Moore, Staff Career Development, Learning and Development, Human Resources

Sid Reel (Chair), Director, Staff Diversity Initiatives, Office of the Vice Chancellor of Equity & Inclusion

Jemila Ndioubnan-Vance (Conference Coordinator), Administrative Assistant, Human Resources