Session Descriptions

5 Keys to Happiness in Retirement

Presented by Patricia Cavanaugh and Ellie Klevins

So what are you planning to do with your one precious and wild life? Today's Baby Boomers are living longer - and healthier than ever before. But are we happier? Join us for this lively presentation on steps you can take now to plan for your "3rd Act" and make the years ahead the best time of your life.

Patricia CavanaughPatricia Cavanaugh is the owner of The 3rd Act offering workshops and individual coaching for members of the mature generations transitioning from full time career and family responsibilities to their next stage. Patricia has been a therapist since 1984. She is a graduate of John F. Kennedy University with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and a certified "Third Age" coach. She has a private practice in Berkeley and Sebastopol, CA.

Ellie KlevinsEllie Klevins brings over 20 years of experience in Human Resources, Organizational Development and Coaching to the 3rd Act. She specializes in coaching clients as they design their encore careers. Ellie received her Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management from San Jose State University, and her Master of Science in Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco. She is also a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute.

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Building Organizational Influence - Why It Makes a Difference in Your Career Growth

Presented by Marvell Allen

Being able to effectively influence others is a key career and organizational skill. This may be as simple as asking a colleague to join your project team, or as complex as building coalitions across your organization. Your success depends upon the strategies you use, and when, how, and with whom you implement them. Additionally, you can be most effective in influencing others if you choose a strategy that best fits the situation. The goal is to move others to action to achieve important objectives. In this session, we will:

  • Look at how influence strategies can support your career growth
  • Review reasons for using the skill of influencing
  • Go over a few influence styles and discuss the kinds of situations they can be used in most effectively
  • Practice using an influence strategy in a fun exercise

Marvell AllenMarvell Allen is the Owner & Principal Consultant for Millennium Career Advantage, a professional leadership development and coaching practice, started in 2010. Current and past clients have included Twitter, LinkedIn, Contra Costa County, The Bureau of Indian Affairs (U.S. Department of the Interior), UC Davis, Marriott International, SanDisk, Watermark, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and Genentech, to name a few. Marvell is a Certified Facilitator for The Leadership Challenge, and the StrengthsFinder assessment. She also holds coaching certifications in Leadership and Talent Management, as well as Career management. Marvell is a skilled facilitator for DiSC, Emotional Intelligence, TKI Conflict Resolution, and Influence Skill-building. Additionally, she has extensive background in delivering executive, Management, and staff development programs to support organizational objectives. Marvell holds a Masters in International Business with a focus on Asia from Dominican University of California, and a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley.

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Authentic Mentoring Relationships: Starting Out, Getting Going, and Making Progress

Presented by Bené Gatzert and Emma Strong

Through conceptualizing mentoring models, real-life case studies, and group discussion, this session will explore strategies for developing authentic mentoring relationships. This workshop is designed for individuals interested in the role of either mentee or mentor. Mentees will develop specific goals related to finding a mentor or enhancing a current relationship. Mentors will learn concrete tips for supporting mentees and nurturing the relationship. Cross-sharing between mentees and mentors will provide additional insights.

Bene GatzertBené Gatzert, M.P.A. has been at Berkeley for twenty-eight years as an health educator, project/policy analyst and now strategic initiatives manager. For over thirty years, she has been exploring authentic relationships with both mentors and mentees. She has learned and grown so much through mentoring experiences and finds them one of the most rewarding parts of her career. In her off-work time, she loves hiking and traveling the world.

Emma StrongEmma Strong has worked in student services for seven years. She began her Berkeley career in the College of Letters and Science Office of Undergraduate Advising, first in an administrative role and later as an Intake Advisor. She is currently an advisor with the Fall Program for Freshmen. Emma enjoys building connections with colleagues and creating mentoring relationships, both formal and informal, that facilitate her goals of providing meaningful support to students while also developing herself as a higher education professional.

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Finding That Sweet Spot: Supporting Staff Development While Meeting Your Organization’s Goals (Manager Session)

Presented by Susan Hagstrom

As managers, we walk the tightrope between supporting the growth and development of our employees and meeting the needs of the organization. How can you find that "sweet spot" that both maximizes your employees' contributions and helps them meet their own goals? Join us for a manager's "time out" as we self-reflect and learn from a panel of exemplary people developers who will share their insights and strategies on how to effectively support staff growth and transformation. All are welcome.

Susan HagstromSusan Hagstrom is Director of Undergraduate Advising in the College of Environmental Design. Her prior positions include assistant director, policy analyst, and adviser in the L&S undergraduate advising office, and Staff Intern in Human Resources and the Chancellor's Immediate office. She is a dog lover, beginning ukulele player, and certified life and career coach. Susan inspires to create and motivate outstanding teams that accomplish great things for the community. What is your aspiration?

This Workshop Features the Following Panelists:

  • Fabrizio Mejia, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Division of Equity and Inclusion
  • David Surratt, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
  • Shirley Salanio, Director of Graduate Matters, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Fostering Trust and Togetherness at Work

Presented by Emiliana Simon-Thomas

Many believe that work is work, home is home, and it's our job to figure out how to keep them separate but balanced. Science, however, tells a different tale; organizations that bring out the innate qualities and characteristics of people that are typical amongst families like authenticity, kindness, and willingness to reconcile, do better on all fronts. This session will survey the origins and benefits of pro-sociality, and share some strategies for making workplaces feel more like home.

Emiliana Simon-ThomasEmiliana Simon-Thomas is the Science Director at UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center. She did her PhD and postdoctoral research at Berkeley, examining how emotions influence thinking, and the biological origins of pro-social states like compassion and affiliation. At the GGSC, Emiliana covers scientific research on how to foster a kinder, more compassionate world and co-instructs a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) called the Science of Happiness. She also lectures widely about how human pro-sociality benefits health, well-being, social life, and work.

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How to Shine at Your Next Interview

Presented by Kim Sapp Dinwiddie

You've submitted an amazing job application that resulted in a call to interview for your dream job – now what? It's time to meet the interview team and demonstrate that you are the most qualified candidate for the job. We will explore the critical areas that you must know to 'stand out on top' in the interview: (1) interview types & formats, (2) interview preparation, (3) stand out among the competition on interview day, (4) post-interview, and (5) interview do's & don'ts.

Kim Sapp DinwiddieKim Sapp Dinwiddie has been at Berkeley for over 15 years and conducted the acquisition of executive, management and senior professional staff, especially in the area of fundraising and development. She is now the Training Manager in Advancement Training and Outreach at University Development and Alumni Relations where she has spearheaded the ongoing development of a comprehensive training program for Berkeley's advancement community. Formerly, she was a Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant and Staff Career Development Trainer in Central Human Resources for nine years. She developed and facilitated campus recruitment and hiring training curriculum for campus managers and supervisors. Previously, she was a Program Director at Extension. Kim has been training, recruiting and hiring, building career and job development curriculum, and managing related programs for 20 years; she has a Master in Education, Counseling.

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Inner Safari - A Guided Exploration to Deepened Self-Awareness

Presented by Lisa Rykert

Explore challenges and opportunities that can either limit or support you to be, do and have what matters most to you in work and in life. This workshop will provide guided discussion, tools, activities and reflective space for self-assessment. We will also observe our inner landscape by identifying values, defining work/life balance and creating a personal formula for success. Participants will leave this workshop with greater clarity on their work and life priorities as they align with their values.

Lisa RykertLisa Rykert is a Board Certified Coach. She has been coaching clients seeking life and work changes for over seven years. Lisa has 20+ years of experience in human resources and organizational development working within municipal, non-profit, corporate and higher education institutions, including having worked at UC Berkeley. Her joyful calling is to support individuals and organizations to fulfill their highest purpose. Lisa is author of More Joy at Work Now, and has been a blog contributor to

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Mindful and Joyful in The Workplace: Mindfulness Practices on-the-Job

Presented by Mushim Ikeda

You don't have to wait until after work to get the benefits of mindfulness. Stress-reduction, more spaciousness, clarity, concentration, and moments of experiencing well-being and joy can be encouraged by "mini-vacation" mindfulness self-interventions during the course of a normal workday. Intentionality and knowing how to practice mindfulness throughout the day can lead to creative brief ways to center, ground, calm down and "enlighten up." This session will include instruction in mindfulness meditation for beginners, an informative talk, and interactive exercises.

Mushim IkedaMushim Patricia Ikedais a well-known mindfulness meditation teacher at East Bay Meditation Center in downtown Oakland, a community social justice activist, a widely published author, and a diversity and inclusion consultant. Known for her humorous and down-to-earth teaching style, Mushim emphasizes empowering people to practice mindfulness on the job and in the home. She is the recipient of the Gil A. Lopez Peace Prize; a Global Diversity Leadership Award; and an honorary doctor of sacred theology degree.

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Network Yourself Into The Next Opportunity!

Presented by Katherine Castro and Rosanne Lurie

Have you gotten to know great people in your work and in your community? Do you meet people but sometimes wonder, 'how do I keep up with a connection?' Explore a simple and strategic way to further your professional development by nurturing the network around you. What are the qualifications needed for this workshop? A willingness to grow. Really! That's it. If you have the desire, we will provide the direction.

Katherine CastroKatherine Castro, is a Career Counselor specializing in the College of Letters and Science with the UC Berkeley Career Center. Before joining the UC Berkeley Career Center, Katherine was a Career Counselor Coordinator with The Biology Scholars Program and has over 10 years of work experience within higher education, private and nonprofit sectors. She is personally committed to serve first generation, low-income, underrepresented, and high achieving students. She's earned a M.S. in College Counseling, with an emphasis in Career, from San Francisco State University. She earned a B.A. in Organizational Studies and a minor in Chicano Studies from The University of California, Davis.

Rosanne LurieRosanne Lurie, recently joined the management group at the UC Berkeley Career Center, where she co-leads a team of 13 counselors. From 2013-2017 she served as Senior Associate Director, Career Services at the University of Pennsylvania. Rosanne has been in the career development field for over 17 years, and has worked at three University of California institutions (UC San Francisco, UC San Diego, and UC Berkeley). She earned a M.S. in Counseling, with Career and College Specializations, from San Francisco State University, and a B.A. in Political Science with Honors from Haverford College. Rosanne is a co-author of the 5th edition of the Academic Job Search Handbook (Philadelphia: U. of Pennsylvania Press, 2016).

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Power Resume

Presented by Kim Sapp Dinwiddie

Create a resume that gets attention and results in an interview invitation. Learn how to create a self-marketing document that strategically showcases the highest level of your employment contributions. Learn how to effectively highlight your most transferable skills to make successful career transitions.

Kim Sapp DinwiddieKim Sapp Dinwiddie has been at Berkeley for almost 15 years and has been a pivotal contributor to the acquisition of Executive, Management and Senior Professional staff, especially in the area of fundraising and development. She is now the Training Manager in Advancement Training and Outreach at University Development and Alumni Relations where she is spearheading the development of a comprehensive training program for the Berkeley advancement community. Formerly, she was a Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant and Staff Career Development Trainer in CHR, Talent Acquisition and Employment Services for nine years. She developed and facilitated campus recruitment and hiring training curriculum for campus managers and supervisors. Previously, she was a Program Director at Extension managing a portfolio of Business and Technology courses and certificate programs. Kim has been training, recruiting and hiring, building career and job development curriculum, and managing related programs for 20 years; she has a Master in Education Counseling.

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Renewal as a Professional Strategy

Presented by Kathy Mendonca

External stressors are real. To adapt to upcoming challenges and show up as our best selves professionally, we must support ourselves to maintain a healthy level of stress. How we take care of ourselves during times of change results in us either being depleted or renewed. This workshop will introduce the concept of managing our energy as the foundation for healthy practices, sustained personal renewal, and ongoing engaged performance.

Kathy MendoncaKathy Mendonca joined UC Berkeley in 2009. She is a Senior Instructional Design and Learning Specialist in Learning & Development, Central HR. In this role, she designs, develops, delivers, and coordinates staff professional development opportunities. Her passion is empowering others to create the greatest impact in their area of expertise. Her interests include time and priority management, process improvement, supervisory development, and building teams.

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The Future of Learning

Presented by Inette Dishler

Welcome to the future of learning! Social learning is how people learn today - through their networks, colleagues, social media and technology. We all need to connect to other people, information, and insights within and across our organization in order to to be engaged continuous learners and to keep up with industry, job, and organizational changes. This session will introduce the concept of social learning and the skills for becoming a social learner. Participants will interact with social learning activities, and will see a demo of our UC Berkeley learning website the Wisdom Café. Come and practice being a social learner!

Inette DishlerInette Dishler, is a Senior Learning and Development Specialist and the Creator and Community Manager of the Wisdom Café. She was a co-founder of the NOW Conference and has been on the planning committee every year. She also teaches KEYS classes to supervisors and managers and has just launched a new program for managers called Thriving as a Manager at Berkeley. In her role in the Staff Learning and Development group on campus, she encourages all campus staff to engage with the great professional and career development resources we have on campus--especially each other!

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The Spirit of UBUNTU: Eight Keys to Creating a Workplace Culture of Unstoppable Positivity

Presented by Shola Richards

In this interactive workshop, Shola will introduce the participants to the team enhancing concept of UBUNTU (an African word which translates to "I am, because we are.") Additionally, Shola will introduce the eight transformative keys of UBUNTU, and demonstrate how anyone can immediately use those keys to make a lasting positive change on his/her work team regardless of job rank, years of experience, level of education or professional title.

Shola RichardsShola Richards is a dynamic keynote speaker, best-selling author of Making Work Work, an award-winning Director of Training at UCLA Health, and a positivity writer with a passionate worldwide following. Shola's articles have been read by readers in over 160 countries, and his work has been featured in Forbes, the Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Complete Wellbeing India, Business Insider Australia, and in numerous other publications all over the world who recognize him as an authority on workplace happiness and engagement.

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Unlocking The Power of Growth Mindsets for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

Presented by Laura Kray

Mindsets drive learning, collaboration, and innovation. This session will explore how mindsets help or hinder problem solving, the transmission of critical information between team members, and the creation of workplaces characterized by psychological safety and high ethical standards. We will also link mindsets to the culture of organizations, which has downstream consequences for employee engagement, satisfaction, and turnover. Attendees will gain self-awareness about their leadership mindset and develop tools for cultivating a growth mindset in themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Laura KrayLaura Kray is the Warren E. and Carol Spieker Professor of Leadership at the Walter A. Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley, where she has been on the faculty since 2002. Kray has published over 60 articles examining how gender stereotypes, power, and status intersect to affect the careers of women and men, including how they approach negotiations, morality, and societal attitudes. Kray's work has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and has been recognized with best research awards from the Academy of Management and the International Association of Conflict Management. Her research has also been featured in a wide range of media outlets, including Washington Post, National Public Radio, Harvard Business Review, New York Times, Financial Times, Slate, Forbes, Huffington Post, Daily Beast, Scientific American, Business Week, and She is the founding director of the Women's Executive Leadership Program of the Center for Executive Education at UC Berkeley. She provides leadership training based on cutting-edge research to organizations across the globe. In 2017-18 she will be a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University.

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Using Feedback to Boost Your Career

Presented by Rebecca Andersen

"Feedback." Why does the word strike fear in our hearts and minds? In this interactive session, you'll learn some key skills in receiving and seeking feedback to help boost your career, including how to decode feedback and put it to work for you! Feedback can be an invaluable gift that gives you better sense of how you're perceived and how you'd like to be perceived. Learn how to look at feedback as a gift, instead of something to fear!

Rebecca AndersonRebecca Andersen is an educator, career coach, and talent connector. Her passion is partnering with individuals and teams to make mindful decisions in their career and organizational strategy. Rebecca brings over a decade of program management and career/leadership development, and is currently working at UC Berkeley as a career director for technology graduate students. In her spare time, Rebecca chases after 2 children and is a board member for the Golden Gate Mothers Group (non-profit serving 4k+ bay area moms).

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Using for Professional Development

Presented by Ryan Zervakos

Please join me for an in-depth look at We will review how to navigate the platform and find relevant content to help you on your continuous learning journey or as a tool for your quick, professional development.

Ryan Zervakos

Ryan Zervakos has been with LinkedIn for 1 1/2 years and in the e-Learning industry for 9. He currently works with Colleges and Universities throughout the State of California helping align to strategic organizational objectives and bring online professional development to Faculty and Staff.

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