20th Annual Holding Our Threads

WoCR/NoCR // Multicultural Community Center

Holding Our Threads

The Multicultural Community Center (MCC) presents “Holding Our Threads,” our 10th annual Week of Cultural Resistance and 20th (yes, 20th!) annual Night of Cultural Resistance. Our theme for this year's NoCR and WoCR is an invitation to hold, reflect on, and carry forward the intricacies of our histories and futures. We hold and honor the wisdom within us, passed down from our ancestors. From them and one another, we have learned the best way over is through. Threads—of clothing, blankets, and quilts and all our relations, intimacies, and interdependencies alike—remind us of the importance of self and community and self in community.

Our theme this year is an invitation to ask ourselves: How do we give to future generations? How do we remain rooted in our personal and collective pasts? How do we best expand intergenerationally, interdependently, and at all levels? What warmth is there in sharing in connection, in collaboration, and in acknowledging all the hands, hearts, and spirit that make our living possible?

NoCR 2020 Poster
WoCR 2020 Poster