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About the MCC Internship

The Multicultural Community Center would not exist without the dedication and work of our student interns. The MCC Internship is intended to facilitate students’ greater involvement in the MCC as well as their broader engagement in multicultural- related education, collaboration and community-building.

Rooted in the 1999 Ethnic Studies Strike and Agreement, the MCC has had a profound history of struggle, student-visioning and vibrant programming in the decade since its inception. Building on increased—and student-won—funding, Interns are an integral part of the MCC’s future as a student-driven and community-centered space. The MCC Internship is a unique opportunity to create and engage in innovative, reflexive and grass roots programming and project design, collective decision-making structures, equitable and accessible space management, evaluation processes, etc. As an ever growing and evolving space on campus, we are looking for interns who are highly motivated and ready to invest in both themselves and the year-long MCC internship program.

The majority of MCC Intern positions will be allocated to workstudy eligible students. Non-workstudy eligible students (including AB540 and undocumented students) will also be considered for MCC Intern positions based on their specific potential to contribute particular skills and expertise needed for the MCC to fulfill its programmatic and logistical vision.

Feel free to give us a call 510-642-6528, send us an email at or stop by the MCC for more information.