WoCR/NoCR / Multicultural Community Center

Conspire For Justice

Our theme this year, “Conspire for Justice,” is an invitation to engage in cultivating communities that live and breathe together so intimately that injustice never goes unnoticed--and therefore never goes unaddressed. Inspired by a lecture given by Ericka Huggins, we acknowledge the power and necessity of collective struggle as a strategy for survival and liberation. We work and dream towards justice for all people(s) by revisiting and envisioning connection to ourselves, to our families, to our communities, to the breathing earth below and sky above. In this Week of Cultural Resistance organizers have created spaces and opportunities to reimagine and conspire for change, for hope, for action, for growth, for joy, and for love.

NoCR 2015 Conspire for Justice

Night of Cultural Resistance 2015 ~ Conspire for Justice

A Look Back at WoCR NoCR 2015

A Look Back At WoCR & NoCR 2015