Hours, Location & Community Space

Watch for instructions on how to get to GenEq!

From Upper Sproul Plaza Walk Towards the GBC

From the GBC Walk Down the Left Side of the Building

Walk Towards the Patio with Umbrellas

Walk Towards the Patio with Umbrellas

Turn Right at the Patio and Come Inside!

Turn Right at the Patio and Come Inside!



The Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq) is closed. 

GenEq career staff and student interns are working remotely.

We are working on evolving out programs & services to an online format so we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.


202 Cesar Chavez #2440
Berkeley, CA 94720

We are located at the north side of Lower Sproul Plaza on the second floor of the Cesar E. Chavez Student Center.  Most visitors enter from Upper Sproul Plaza by following the south (left) side of the building from the Golden Bear Cafe (GBC) until they reach the entrance to GenEq, which is next to the patio with a set of wooden picnic tables that overlooks Lower Sproul Plaza.  Or, you may also enter the Chavez building at any point and enter GenEq through the glass double-doors at the head of the stairs that lead up from the atrium of the Student Learning Center.  GenEq's address "202 Chavez" refers to the suite in which GenEq is located. 

Community Space

Be sure to check out our community space in the back of GenEq!  Everyone is welcome, so come make yourself at home!  Common activities in the community space include:

  • eating lunch
  • hanging out with friends
  • studying
  • taking a nap
  • events & meetings


The space is also available for reservation between the hours of 9am-5pm. For after-hours events, a staff person must be available to stay late. If you are interested in utilizing the space, please check the AVAILABILITY at our Community Space Calendar. Then email Marisa at mboyce@berkeley.edu, or stop by 207 Chavez to make a reservation.

Brave Space Guidelines

GenEq is excited to have our Brave Space Guidelines now posted in our Community Space! Download a copy or come by and check them out! 

Brave Space Guidelines v2