Native Graduation

Native Graduation '19

Native Grad 2019

Recognizing the steps that got you here, celebrating the steps yet to come

Each spring, Native American Student Development, Native American Studies and the American Indian Graduate program sponsor a graduation for graduate and undergraduate students, their families and friends.

We want to celebrate our the success of our Native students in completing these milestones in their educational careers and send them off with the best wishes for the next steps in their lives.

Undergraduate students

If you are a senior, having completed 100 units or above by the spring, you are eligible to walk in Native graduation, given you are in the position to finish your coursework to graduate by the following fall.

Students who are eligible, by our records, will be notified in the fall and encouraged to be part of the planning process as we select a graduation keynote speaker, student speakers and entertainment. However, if you were not notified, and would like to be a part of graduation, contact us.

Walking in graduation:

Native graduation is a celebration. We want you to have fun.

Students who participate in our Native graduation will receive a blanket recognizing their accomplishments as well as being recognized for their contributions in the Native community at Cal.

Our ceremony is followed by a dinner for everyone to celebrate your achievements here at UC Berkeley.