Safe housing for transgender UC Berkeley students can be found in multiple ways. Inclusive housing requests and programs within University Housing provide spaces for trans students, as well as group housing specifically for LGBTQ+ individuals through Berkeley Greek life and Student Cooperatives.

Gender-Inclusive University Housing

Gender Inclusive & LGBTQIA+ Affirming Requests, including the steps to request gender-inclusive housing

ADA Accommodations for medical transition/gender affirmation surgery


Students within the LGBTQ community can have a specific option within dorm housing, as LGBTQ students can live together in Unit 3's Spens-Black Hall. The UNITY Theme Program is a living-learning community that focuses on LGBTQ+ education, community-building, and leadership development. 

The Unity Theme Program Description

Unity Theme Program Website

BSC Co-Ops 

LGBTQ students can also choose to live in one of the Berkeley Student Cooperative's Co-Ops, The Wilde (Johnson-Rivera) House

Fraternity and Sorority Life

There are also fraternities and sororities at Berkeley that may be of interest to LGBTQ students. 

Sigma Epsilon Omega, UC Berkeley's only Queer Social Fraternity 

Gamma Rho Lambda, an LGBTQIA+/Ally & Multicultural Greek Organization