Trans Student Wellness Initiative

Transgender Student Wellness Initiative / Multicultural Community Center

TSWI commissioned student Kelly Baird for the program’s original art, 2018.

Transgender Student Wellness Initiative

The Transgender Student Wellness Initiative (TSWI) is a student-driven and community-centered program that aims to support the holistic wellness and retention of trans and nonbinary students at UC Berkeley. TSWI was established through ASUC Senator Juniperangelica Cordova’s office (2017-2018) and was later transferred to the Multicultural Community Center to sustain its work. Funded through ASUC’s Wellness Fee Fund, the initiative focuses on building community across campus, supporting community basic needs and resources, and offering opportunities for leadership development.

Since its inception, TSWI has organized community dinners, music and art evenings, workshops, art collections, as well as resource disbursements via dinner delivery codes, resource cards and much more.

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