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MCC Lending Library

Mission Statement

  • Like the greater MCC, our library is predominantly run by students for community members both within and without the University. Within the library committee, we foster the knowledge and critical planning skills to run the space effectively from year to year. We also  train fellow MCC Interns in the inner workings of the library so as to support the facilitation of the space.
  • The MCC library provides a wide variety of readings and resources for students such as textbooks and readers that are often included in course curricula for classes here at UC Berkeley. We especially work to ensure that students have access to publications focused on the struggles and studies of communities of color written by communities of color.
  • In addition to making such academic texts available, our library center strives to offer a collection of multicultural literature that likewise documents the narratives of those who directly experience and oppose various forms of oppression. In our collection there may be texts that might not fit these specific criteria but have been kept as they may provide useful information in other ways. Some of our copies are new and some of them are reused. We try our best (and you should too!) to collect and keep materials of the best possible quality, but we understand that many of our publications come from different homes and, as such, may reveal their conditions as reused.
  • In the current and future space(s) of the MCC Library, we want to create a community space accessible to students of colors and other marginalized folks on campus who find themselves in pursuit of relevant and affirming narratives.
  • A library account holder does not have to be a currently enrolled student at UC Berkeley as creating accessible pathways to knowledge is a core component of our values at the MCC Library.

Terms of Use

As a community, we are responsible for and accountable to everything this space offers, including materials from our library. Knowing how appreciative and responsible MCC community members are, we are certain you will treat all library materials with love and respect. As a reminder, this means refraining from tearing pages and marking materials with ink, as well as ensuring books are not placed near potential beverage spills.

Furthermore, we expect that you will return your loans punctually. You will be notified by the library committee when your loan is due. Because the MCC Library operates on a policy of trust, there are no late fees. We simply expect that you as a member will respect that we operate as a community space, and understand that a community space cannot function without the cooperation of and considerate behavior from all its members. As such, if you do not bring back a resource on time, you will not be able to further rent any library materials until your overdue loan is returned.

On an additional note, please free to approach an MCC student intern in the library committee if you would like to donate any materials relevant to the space or if you feel that our library is missing an important resource that you’d like to request. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for the MCC Library, please contact the library committee at berkeleymcc.library@gmail.com(link sends e-mail)!

 *Note: If you are not a student or faculty member of UC Berkeley, you may still create an account. 

Thank you for your conscientiousness and respect!