Art Gallery

Visioning, Remembering, Affirming with Art

The MCC hosts 2 - 3 art exhibitions per semester showcasing the work of students and local community artists. Each exhibit's theme is crafted with the intention of giving space to artists to voice their stories and create visual narratives to share with the community. Below are some examples of past exhibits interns have designed and curated in the MCC.

Journey to...: Expressions of Existence 

The Multicultural Community Center presents Journey To...: Expressions of Existence, an art exhibit that explores movement in relation to presence. A journey is not a static definition, restrained only to mere travel between two physical spaces, but rather movement that captures a series of evolutions, transformations, metamorphoses, discoveries, and several homecomings. It is the site where multiple journeys meet: the internal and the external, the finished and the incomplete, the linear and the nonlinear, the collective and the self, going towards home or elsewhere. There is much to learn from each other as we all move our own way, carry stories as well as wisdoms from our elders, and travel through beautiful and difficult paths. We are souls with bodies that cannot be confined to one story. We are in multiple transitions that are simply waiting to be expressed. 

The Multicultural Community Center invites you to share art that draws on your personal journeys of existence for our opening art exhibit which will be presented at our 16th Annual Night of Cultural Resistance.

Dreaming Freedoms: Myth-making, Funky Futurism, & Extraterrestrial Liberation 

In the face of erasure, our resilience is evident in our creative abilities to exercise autonomy by writing ourselves into our own stories of past, present and future. This exhibit will focus on those futures we write, draw, create, perform and imagine for ourselves and each other. We want to honor the important role artists play in struggle for liberation by creating magical fantasies, hopes, dreams, envisionings, & prayers for the futures of our communities in various medium. This exhibit is inspired by the afro-futurist movements to empower through reclaiming cosmic connections and pushing our consciousness to new, out-of-this-world levels. We encourage you to interpret all or part of this theme in whatever way resonates with you the most.

And We Don't Stop! - a tribute to street art, hip hop, & social movements 

"Hip-hop is the streets. Hip-hop is a couple of elements that it comes from back in the days... that feel of music with urgency that speaks to you. It speaks to your livelihood and it's not compromised. It's blunt. It's raw, straight off the street - from the beat to the voice to the words." - Nas

Inspired by the contributions of Hip-Hop culture to hxstories of social justice and liberation movements, the MCC presents “And We Don’t Stop!: A Tribute to Street Art, Hip Hop & Social Movements”. This exhibit seeks to (re)present street art* as important creative expression for marginalized peoples that is inherently a political tactic of mobilization, unification and reclamation of public space. In the face of erasure, oppression, criminalization, and silencing, we hope to provide an intentional space that pays tribute to the spirit of street art as a survival tactic of story-telling and knowledge sharing. We wish to collect and display original creations that explore street art in its many forms, including but not limited to: graffiti, photography, stencilling, protest signage, raps and lyrics, as we celebrate not only street art, but all five elements of hip hop: BBoy-ing, MC-ing, DJ-ing, street art, and knowledge, as empowering and revolutionary. 

*We understand street art to be a practice of self -determined representation that has been reimagined, repurposed, and reclaimed throughout time but is rooted in struggles against racism that birthed Hip Hop culture.

Creating Blackness: A Re-telling of Ourstory

Movement of Queer Diasporas

Creation Stories

MCC’s Art Exhibit “Creation Stories”  hopes to explore and remember the possibilities of future worlds, work with ancestral and familial traditions, and honor stories that have traveled across generations as well as those that have yet to take form. We encourage artists to share art that connects deeply to stories and traditions that have been inherited, those that have been lost, or those that exist somewhere in between.  We invite wisdom drawing from our intuition, imaginations, spiritworld(s) & our dreams.