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Our events, workshops, discussion groups and other programs are designed to provide opportunities for education, community building, empowerment, allyship development and more.  They range from large to small, providing multiple ways for our campus community members to engage.  We partner with many campus departments, students groups, off-campus organizations and others to provide you with high quality events and programs.

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Past Discussion Groups (archival)

Looking for a regular group to connect with? See which discussion groups, sponsored groups and student-directed collaborative projects are active!  Discussion groups have included: 

QPOC Together: Queer People of Color Together

A monthly community forum and chill space for queer-identified students of color at UC Berkeley. No matter how you identify: Same-Gender Loving, Queer, Butch/Femme, Fluid, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Downe, etc.

QPOC Together is currently inactive.

ENVISION: White Anti-Racist Network @ GenEq

ENVISION is a discussion space designed to equip white* students, faculty and staff with the tools to analyze white privilege and to challenge racism within and beyond our campus¹ women's and queer communities. ENVISION supports the development of anti-racist practices and can serve as a supplement to social justice work in other spaces on campus. We welcome participants who are already actively involved in such spaces, as well as folks who are new to social justice work and interested in these conversations.

*ENVISION focuses on white students, faculty and staff for three reasons: 1) it shifts the burden off of people of color to educate white people about racism and oppression; 2) white people can play an important role in supporting each other to challenge racism; and 3) it creates an atmosphere that allows white people to share more openly and honestly about race, creating more opportunities for growth and learning.

ENVISION is currently inactive.

Women's Chat Circles

A monthly discussion space for women and women of color on different topics each month.
The Women's Chat Circles are currently inactive.

M^3: Men, Masculinity and Manhood

A space for men to talk about masculinity and manhood. Interested in talking about the nuances, difficulties, and pleasures of masculinity? Want a space in which to comfortably talk about the various forms in which manhood takes? Or to simply discuss what exactly the phrase "being a man" means?
M^3 is currently inactive.