QT Pie: A Queer, Trans, LGBTQ+ Welcome Event

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QT Pie: A Queer, Trans, LGBTQ+ Welcome Event

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015
Unit 3 All Purpose Room 
2400 Durant Ave
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1477206669265234/

Come for new friends, community, resources, student groups and pie!  You may have known this event as QT Cakes (QT = Queer and/or Trans) last year, but the name is now QT Pie - get it "cutie pie"?  Because our queer and/or trans communities are made up of beautiful, amazing, QT Pies! 

We are inviting student organizations and resources to come table at this event, so you can get to know your options for queer and/or trans community and support on campus.  We'll also have games and ways for you to mingle with other students and get to know new people!  And, of course, we'll be selling our rainbow bear UC Berkeley t-shirts so we can show our pride all year!

WE ARE IN NEED OF VOLUNTEERS to help in advance of the event, and at the event - sign up here to put your decorating, organizing, pie slicing, etc talents to use to make this event qt-riffic!

Gluten free and vegan options will be available!

Questions?  Contact Marisa atmboyce@berkeley.edu

Sponsored by the Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq), the Queer Alliance and Resource Center (QARC), and Unity House.  This event is wheelchair accessible.  For disability-related accommodations please see access.berkeley.edu

Why QT Pie?

I'm a QT Pie Sticker

Our queer and/or trans (QT) communities are made up of beautiful, amazing QT pies! #imaqtpie is a way to recognize, celebrate, appreciate, and empower our identities.  We will be launching our #imaqtpie project at our annual queer, trans, LGBTQ+ welcome event "QT Pie," we hope to see you there!