Students with Dependents

Students with Dependents

Below you will find a list of various services offered at Cal for Students with Dependents. Although this list is updated frequently, it is not exhaustive.

Berkeley Parents Network 

This web site contains thousands of pages of recommendations and advice contributed by members of the Berkeley Parents Network, formerly "UCB Parents", a parent-to-parent email network for the community of parents in the Berkeley, California area.

Breastfeeding Support Program 

The Breastfeeding Support Program serves faculty, staff, students, and their spouses/domestic partners and employees at Office of the President choosing to continue breastfeeding after returning to work or school. The program includes breastfeeding classes with a lactation consultant, lactation rooms on campus with hospital-grade breast pumps, and sales of personal, electric breast pumps and personal kits for use with the pumps in the campus lactation rooms at a discounted price. For more information, please contact Health*Matters at 643-4646 or

Child Study Center 

The Harold E. Jones Child Study Center (CSC) is a research, teaching, and training facility administered by the Institute of Human Development at the University of California at Berkeley. The CSC has a world-wide reputation as a model laboratory school, integrating research on children and families with a working educational program for preschool-aged children.

Early Childhood Education Program 

Registered students with children between the ages of three months and seven years may be eligible to use the University's child care program.

Student-Family Housing 

Family student housing offers an organized family community for students with families. Apartments are available for married, single parent and domestic partner families. For more details about University Village (East VillageWest Village), please click on each of site names to be directed to their websites.

Student Parent Association 

The S.P.A. along with other Student Organizations work hard to provide any assistance needed for student families. The SPARR is an organization of UC Berkeley student parents, supported by staff and faculty, who are dedicated to providing access to higher education for underserved, nontraditional and underrepresented students.

Student Parent Center 

As a supportive and inclusive community, the center is committed to increasing students access to and awareness of campus resources and enrichment opportunities. The center also promotes campus and community engagement and leadership development that enrich and support students' academic and professional goals. The Student Parent Center is a component part of the Transfer, Re-Entry, and Student Parent Center.

Work & Family

This guide is designed to provide UC Berkeley faculty and staff with an overview of existing campus work/family policies, programs, and resources, including Family Friendly Policies, Family Friendly Benefits, Flexible Work Arrangements, Finding Child Care, Elder and Adult Dependent Care.