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If you wish to change your name/gender with the Registrar's Office, you must first update California and federal identity documents. Follow the instructions spelled out by ID Please for help navigating the process of changing your name/gender. 

ID Please:

 This comprehensive publication is a guide by the Transgender Law Center for navigating processes of updating California and federal identity documents to reflect accurate gender markers. This timely release coincides with the recent change in California law, which simplifies the requirements for a court-ordered name change.

(Legal) name and/or gender change 

(Follow these instructions once your California and federal identity documents have been updated)

Instructions from Office of the Registrar

Any student who wants to change any personal information in Cal Central may go to Cal Student Central in 120 Sproul Hall. You will be asked to complete the "Petition for Change of Name" form and must provide the proper documentation (i.e. court order, updated birth certificate, ID, driver's license, etc.) and a government-issued ID that has the correct personal information (Name/Gender/DOB/SSN). The form, along with copies of the documentation then go to Academic Records to change the information; the process usually takes 3-5 business days. Once the student has completed their paperwork and the proper documentation, they may ask for Grace Padua (124 Sproul Hall, gspadua@berkeley.edu(link sends e-mail)) directly and she will make personally make the changes in the system.

Change of lived/preferred name (If you just wish to change your name on CalCentral…)

Students can change their “Preferred Name” at UC Berkeley by from the Registrar’s Office. This change will show on class rosters, campus directory, and Cal 1 Card without needing official documentation to make the change. If students want to change their legal name and/or gender with the Registrar, they will need to go through the official name and gender change process.

Edit lived/preferred name, pronoun, and gender identity on eTang

Students now have the option to edit their lived name, pronouns, and gender identity via the eTang Patient Portal. This change is a direct result of student feedback and UHS is excited to make it a reality! To make changes to your profile, login to the eTang Patient Portal, click the 'edit' button to the right of your information, and select from a drop-down list. Visit this page for more information and a picture how-to. Note: University Health Services gets official student information directly from the Registrar’s office. Any requested changes should be requested through the prior two processes.

University Health Services–TANG Center

Transgender Health Services

University Health Services offers trans-specific medical care and counseling. Use the following link to find more information about the Trans Care Team at UHS.


To understand your options on campus, regardless of insurance status please use the following links:



To establish care with a trans team clinician, for questions about transcare at UHS, or not sure who you need to see? Call Joan Hauser, RN at (510) 664-9926 to get started. Joan is on the Primary Care Team and the first point of contact for the Trans Care Team. Use the following link to get into direct contact with the trans healthcare team https://uhs.berkeley.edu/trans

UHS also has counselors experienced in working with trans and gender non-conforming students and/or queer-identified counselors that you may request to work with if helpful.

Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

UC Berkeley’s Student Health Insurance Plan (Berkeley SHIP) covers transgender-specific medical care. Please use the following link for more information on the particular services covered by SHIP: https://uhs.berkeley.edu/insurance/ship-benefits/insurance-benefits-transgender-students


Unity House


The Unity Theme Program’s mission is to become the pre-eminent living-learning community in the United States for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) identified students and their allies. The academic seminar, residential experience, and resource center specialize in strong community and leadership development, activism, and education on issues pertaining to sexual and gender diversity at UC Berkeley and in the local, national, and global contexts.

Oscar Wilde House–Berkeley Student Co-op


The Berkeley Student Cooperative offers LGBTQ+ themed housing at Oscar Wilde House. As America’s first lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer themed house for students, the Wilde house offers a haven of tolerance for those who transcend traditional sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or gender presentation.

Trans-Centered Student Groups

Go to CalLink https://callink.berkeley.edu/ to find more orgs and events for trans people at Cal by entering “transgender” or “LGBTQ” into the search bar. Below are some examples of active organizations on campus that directly serve transgender students. If you are looking for a group that is not listed, please contact us at geneq@berkeley.edu. If your group is not listed, please contact us at geneq@berkeley.edu. Please note that we are only able to update this website periodically, so it may take some time before your group is listed.

Undergraduate students:

A vast majorty of queer orgs are trans-inclusive and these can be found through the CalLink site, or by following this link.  

T-Cal: A Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Space

T-Cal is currently UC Berkeley's only trans-centered and trans-run student organization on campus. 

T-Cal is a group that seeks to address the spectrum of gender and gender expression, especially for students, fauclty and staff who may identify across the transgender spectrum at UCB. Join us for conversation, community, and resources! For more information email tcalatberkeley@gmail.com

Graduate students:


The Queer and Transgender Advocacy Project seeks to improve the lives and experiences of queer and transgender graduate students at UC Berkeley. QTAP works closely with other GA projects to initiate outreach targeting graduate LGBTQ students at UC Berkeley. Additionally, this coordinator serves as an advocate for LGBTQ graduate students, addressing specific needs and concerns of the community to ensure their success in higher education and beyond.


Recreational Sports Facility (RSF)

The Recreational Sports Facility has opened its Universal Locker Room in order to better serve members with disabilities, members of all gender identities, and any who wish for privacy for any number of reasons. Made possible by a grant from the Wellness Fund and in collaboration with campus partners including the Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq) and ASUC, the universal locker room will help eliminate barriers to recreation for our members and promote inclusivity and accessibility for all.


Transgender Athlete Policy (updated)

Cal Athletics recently updated the Intercollegiate Athletics Transgender / Gender Non-Conforming Student Athlete Participation Guidelines. Please review the Cal Athletics webpage to read the Cal Athletics Inclusion Statement along with the text of the guidelines.


Intramural Sports

Most intramural sports teams are not gendered and open to all individuals. Please review the intramural sports webpage to find out how to form a team, or join an existing one.


Academic Life: Classroom/Labs/Teaching etc.  


At UC Berkeley we strive to make all spaces inclusive and welcoming to all members of the Cal community. Faculty, Graduate Student Instructors and all other teaching staff have a particular responsibility in creating learning environments where students bring their full selves into a classroom thus allowing them to stretch to their fullest academic potential.

The Gender Equity Resource Center has created a page for creating inclusive classrooms and groups. Please follow 



At restrooms.berkeley.edu(link is external) you will find a list of existing gender-inclusive single stall and multi-stall restrooms at UC Berkeley. This resource also contains information about accessible restrooms as well as where to find changing tables on our campus.

UC Berkeley is engaged in an ongoing process to provide restroom facilities that serve the needs of all members of the campus, helping to create an overall inclusive campus environment for all members of our community. While gender-inclusive restrooms are now part of campus standards for restrooms and included in any new campus buildings, converting existing multi-stall restrooms takes additional resources and so conversions will take place over time.