Queer Cal Pals

Mission Statement:

The Queer Cal Pals program of the Gender Equity Resource Center is designed to connect incoming LGBTQ+ students with members of the larger UC Berkeley LGBTQ+ community through close partnerships and programming. With the use of a buddy program rather than a mentorship, we strive to cultivate a mutualistic relationship between the Buddy (current UCB student) and Pal (incoming UCB student), where both share experiences and learn from one another. Mainly, Queer Cal Pals will help new students connect with  LGBTQ+ community (spaces, resources, events), as well as provide personal and social support during their transition to life at Cal.

*Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, QCP will be a fully remote program for Fall 2020. QCP is open to all incoming undergraduate students. Transfer students encouraged to apply.


Fall 2021 Applications are now available. Apply at tinyurl.com/QCPPalApplication2021

If you are an incoming UC Berkeley undergraduate student who identifies as LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual) who is interested in the Queer Cal Pals program, please apply now!

Application Deadline: This application will close on August 27th at 11:59pm PT.

Who is a Pal?

Pals will be in their first year at Cal, as a frosh or transfer student.** Pals should express curiosity for learning more about and spending more time within LGBTQ+ community spaces/organizations. Each Pal will be paired with a Buddy, who has been a student for at least a semester, and who is familiar with student organizations, campus resources, queer housing and more. Being a Pal is a commitment of one semester during the Fall, and Pals will have the opportunity to later become Buddies.

All Pals and Buddies are required to attend the QCP matching session on Sunday, August 29th from 12-2PM online via Zoom**

The matching session will give Pals an opportunity to virtually meet all the Buddies and other Pals participating in this year's program.

Pals are also expected to attend events and programming planned by Queer Cal Pals, unless prior notice of absence is given.

**Please note that Fall 2021 main events and programming will be primarily in person with some mandatory online programming (through Zoom). Please review QCP's Privacy Controls and Digital Confidentiality Statement before applying to the program @ tinyurl.com/QCP2021PrivacyStatement **

Queer Cal Pals is a program of the Gender Equity Resource Center (geneq.berkeley.edu). For additional information or concerns, please contact QCPBerkeley@gmail.com