Gender Inclusive Restroom Map is Located Here 

Here please see the latest UC Policy on Gender Inclusive Facilities that includes information about restroom conversion process, you will find a list of existing gender-inclusive single stall and multi-stall restrooms at UC Berkeley. This resource also contains information about accessible restrooms as well as where to find changing tables on our campus.

Gender-Inclusive Single Stall and Multi-Stall Restrooms at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley is engaged in an ongoing process to provide restroom facilities that serve the needs of all members of the campus, helping to create an overall inclusive campus environment for all members of our community. While gender-inclusive restrooms are now part of campus standards for restrooms and included in any new campus buildings, converting existing multi-stall restrooms takes additional resources and so conversions will take place over time.

Campus Implementation Progress:
Gender Inclusive Restrooms


(Update: Fall 2015)

The campus is engaged in a process to provide inclusive restrooms for all.  As you may know in June 2015, the University of California Office of the President released guidelines to each UC Campus and the Laboratories for providing gender inclusive facilities. UC Berkeley has been making steady progress in implementing these guidelines.  We will update this document periodically to inform you of our progress.

It is important to note that UC Berkeley took action years prior to the UCOP guidelines and created a campus list of inclusive restrooms (see below), addressed creation of inclusive restrooms in new buildings (e.g. Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive, spring 2016 opening), and in spring 2015 sought to get locked public restrooms unlocked, especially those that are single-occupant.

Documents for Download

a. UC Office of the President Guidelines for Providing Inclusive Gender Facilities

b. University of California, Berkeley Campus Implementation Progress: Gender Inclusive Restrooms (PDF version of the contents of this page.

Current list of inclusive restrooms

Since 2006 the university has maintained and periodically updates a list of gender inclusive and single stall restrooms on the website of the Gender Equity Resource Center.  This list contains unisex restrooms, as well as single-sex restrooms that are either one-room restrooms with a lock on the main door, or small multi-stall single-sex restrooms in discrete locations to which few people go. They will be designated accordingly: “One-room restroom” and “Small multi-stall restroom.” For multi-stall restrooms, note the restroom Sign column to identify if it’s gender-specific or gender-inclusive.  You may download a PDF version to print and carry or store for quick access on your smartphone. 

Spring 2015

1. New Restrooms Opened

a. In coordination with Letters & Science facilities staff, two gender-inclusive restrooms opened on 8th floor of Barrows Hall. They are accessible via the east elevator lobby.  Both are renovated spaces; one was formerly a men’s restroom with two stalls, and the other a women’s with two stalls. 

b. In coordination with Letters & Science facilities staff, two gender-inclusive restrooms were renovated in Dwinelle Hall:

2. Campus Moves to have restrooms unlocked:

UC Berkeley memo regarding building codes and the need for unlocking campus restrooms signed by Vice Chancellor for Real Estate Bob Lalanne, Vice Provost for Strategic Academic and Facilities Planning Andrew Szeri, Chief of Police (UCPD) Margo Bennett, and Director of Facilities Services Frank Fasano

3. Standard Door Sign Selected:

Symbol/sign used to identify gender-neutral restrooms selected for consistent use on campus : circle and triangle with just the word “Restroom”.  When a restroom is also ADA compliant the international access symbol is included.  An official sign/symbol has not yet been adopted by California Building Code.

Restroom Door

4. Restrooms identified for possible renovation:

Review and walk-though of restrooms in buildings identified as priority was done by a group of staff from units in Real Estate as well as the office of Disability Compliance. The group looked at restrooms identified for possible renovation and created draft scopes of work and draft cost estimates for renovations. This review included restrooms in: Barrows, Cory, Dwinelle, Evans, Giannini, Kroeber & McCone. The walk-through included review of multiple restrooms in each building.  The next step is to hire design professionals to confirm the draft scope(s) of work and turn the information into a project proposal. 

Summer 2015

1. Memo from UCOP regarding Gender Inclusive Facilities received by campus, June 2015

2. Adoption of University of California Guidelines for Providing Gender Inclusive Facilities, July 2015

3. New Restrooms Opened

a. Gender-inclusive ADA compliant restroom open in Kroeber Hall, first floor.  A single-stall restroom was completely renovated over the summer.

4. Evans Hall Restroom renovation:

Design work started for renovation of restrooms identified for renovation to gender-inclusive on the second floor of Evans Hall - an architect has been hired and is working on construction documentation.  Once reviews and approvals are complete (by Division of State Architect, Campus Fire Marshall, etc.) and funding is confirmed, the construction project will be put out to bid.

Fall 2015

1. New Restrooms Opened

a. Bear’s Lair restaurant in Eshleman opens with four gender-inclusive toilets, one of which is ADA compliant.

b. Eshleman Hall will open with four gender-inclusive restrooms, one on each of the following floors – Basement, 3, 4 and 5, October 2015.

c. MLK Hall will open with single stall restrooms on floors, basement and 5, Fall 2015

2. Upcoming projects with gender-inclusive restrooms include:

a. Moffitt 4th and 5th floor Renovations - construction starts September 2015

b. Berkeley Way West - construction scheduled to begin December 2015

Spring 2016

1. Upcoming projects with gender-inclusive restrooms included:

a. Wheeler Hall Renovation - construction scheduled to begin May 2016

The information contained in this document and the work to continue forward motion of this important initiative is a collaborative effort of the following offices: Vice Provost for Strategic Academic & Facilities Planning, Vice Chancellor for Real Estate (Physical & Environmental Planning, Construction & Design, Inspection Services, & Facilities Services), Office of the Graduate Dean, The Gender Equity Resource Center, Office of the Registrar, and Human Resources. If you have any questions or comments regarding this document please contact Billy Curtis, Director of the Gender Equity Resource Center at or 510.643.0788.