Chancellor's Advisory Committee on the LGBTQ Communities at Cal

Mission Statement

The Chancellor's Advisory Committee on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) Communities at Cal (CAC-LGBTQ) is a standing committee for the Chancellor, comprised of UC Berkeley staff, faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, alumni, and ex officio representatives. To promote an affirming and inclusive campus environment, the committee regularly identifies, analyzes, and advises the Chancellor and senior administration on needs and concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer faculty, staff, students, alumni, and affiliates at UC Berkeley.


  1. Advise on campus climate, changing needs of campus LGBT communities, and emerging populations and trends
  2. Support scholarly research and teaching in the areas of LGBT studies and related intellectual endeavors
  3. Review campus and UC system policies, procedures, and practices that affect employment, academic status, and quality of life of LGBT campus members, and offer comments and recommendations
  4. Review campus and UC system reports, plans, and program proposals that relate to and  are of concern to campus LGBT communities, and offer comments and recommendations
  5. Help create an affirming and welcoming environment for all campus members
  6. Comment on conditions and incidents that adversely affect the LGBT community on campus
  7. Liaise with related committees and constituencies.CAC-LGBTQ Briefing Papers

See this section for details about the work of this Committee.

CAC-LGBTQ Membership

Membership is refreshed annually at the beginning of the Fall or as needed when vacancies occur off-cycle. Members serve varying lengths of terms, depending on availability and interest.

Representation of Constituencies (and typical numbers)      

  • Senate faculty (professors and emeriti, confirmed by the Academic Senate’s Committee on Committees): two
  • Non-Senate faculty (lecturers, adjuncts): two
  • Non-faculty academic appointees (academic administrators, academic coordinators, librarians, postdoctoral scholars, researchers): two
  • Staff:  four
  • Undergraduate students:  three (2 recommended by the ASUC, 1 at large)
  • Graduate students:  three (2 recommended by the Graduate Assembly, 1 at large)
  • Ex officio:  Representative of the Gender Equity Resource Center 
  • Ex officio:  Representative of the Department of Gender & Women's Studies and/or LGBT Minor
  • Ex officio:  Representative of the Office for Faculty Equity & Welfare
  • Ex officio:  Representative of University Health Services
  • Ex officio:  Representative of Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Ex officio:  Representative of Cal Alumni Pride (California Alumni Association)
  • Ex offcio:  Queer & Trans Advocacy Project Coordinator
  • Ex officio Representative from Residence Hall Association

Attributes of Members

  • Familiarity with LGBTQ+ issues.
  • Experience in some facet of LGBTQ+ community organizing, advocacy, or service (on campus or off campus).
  • Willingness to seek information and direction from the campus LGBTQ community and to encourage collaboration and consensus-building.
  • Ability to represent and articulate the collective perspective of the Committee.
  • Commitment to work cooperatively with all campus constituencies to further the campus’s overall diversity goals.

Commitments Required of Members

  • Be able and willing to serve a one or two year term (renewable);
  • Be publicly identified as a member of the CAC-LGBTQ through our publicly available roster and/or the Outlist of LavenderCal.
  • Regularly attend CAC monthly business meetings (September-June), as well as periodic special meetings with UC administrators (e.g., Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Staff Advisors to the Regents, etc.) or other committees (e.g., Staff Diversity Council).
  • Prepare for meetings by reading and commenting on briefings, proposals, etc.
  • Participate in committee task work between meetings (e.g., writing, phoning, researching, organizing).
  • Participate in the life of the campus by attending campus LGBTQ+ activities, including those of allied staff, faculty, or student organizations.
  • Work cooperatively with all campus constituencies to promote UC’s overall equity & inclusion goals.

Application for Membership 

Membership Applications for the 2020-2021 Academic Year will be made available Fall 2020.

More about CAC-LGBTQ

Procedures and Timelines

Membership Roster

The 2019-2020 Member Roster may be found here.

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CAC-LGBT Briefing Papers

Since reconstituting in 2007, the CAC-LGBTQ has worked energetically to heighten the visibility of the contributions and concerns of LGBTQ staff, faculty, and students among Berkeley’s initiatives for diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Recent accomplishments:

  • Achieved expanded leave benefits (including paid parental leave for adoptions) for all UC staff employees, after leading a five-year-long, multi-constituency campaign. 
  • Achieved adoption by Intercollegiate Athletics of “Recommendations for Intercollegiate Athletics Policies and Practices Regarding Transgender Student-Athlete Participation at UC Berkeley," one of the first such at any U.S. university. 
  • Achieved issuance by the campus ROTC of affirmative statement welcoming repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell," unique in the nation.  

We actively engage with campus leadership and stakeholders.

Every academic year, the CAC-LGBTQ engages pro-actively in face-to-face meetings and ongoing discussions with many of the highest placed administrative and academic leaders on our campus.  We provide annually updated Briefing Papers to campus leaders on issues of concern to our campus communities  -- see section below and links to attachments.

Recent Meetings with Campus Leaders:

  • Chancellor: Oct 2007, Feb 2009, Dec 2009, Feb 2011, January 2012, November 2012, March 2019.
  • Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion: Oct 2007, April 2008, Feb 2009, Dec 2009, Feb 2010, Feb 2011, January 2012, November 2012.
  • Associate Chancellors: April 2008, June 2009.
  • Staff Advisors to the Regents: May 2009.
  • Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost: June 2009, Dec 2009.
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Health & Human Services: June 2009.
  • Director of Staff Diversity Initiatives: ongoing.

As needed, CAC members represent the LGBTQ campus communities by holding a seat at the table of various campus-wide committees, such as the Equity & Inclusion Strategic Advisory Group, the Berkeley Initiative for Leadership on Diversity, staff organizations and networks, student groups, and faculty consortia.

These activities and connections raise the visibility of our LGBTQ campus communities, educate allies about our issues and concerns, forge new alliances, develop leadership among our ranks, and inspire colleagues at other UC campuses.

Briefing Papers

The attached Briefing Papers were presented to the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion most recently in 2014.  These briefings summarize key areas of concern which the CAC has addressed continuously since its reconstitution in 2007.